White Pyrenees Lamb | Victoria's Finest

White Pyrenees Lamb | Victoria's Finest


The Pyrenees Ranges, along with The Grampian Mountains,
complete Australia’s geographical backbone - The Great
Dividing Range. Explorers such as Thomas Mitchell, the first
European recorded to travel through this district in 1836, were
overwhelmed by the scenic beauty of the area with its lush
grasslands and cool running streams. The Ranges reminded
Mitchell of the Pyrenees in Europe, hence the name he gave
them. In and around the Pyrenees Ranges and its foothills
are microclimates and different soil characteristics that offer
a wealth of variety to the farmers of the land. They consider
it to be the ‘natural garden of Victoria’.


The White Pyrenees “Second Cross” Lamb program has
flourished due to its adaptability and suitability to Australia’s
seasonal conditions. Using Australia’s base Merino flock as
a backbone, we have worked to develop an exceptional
“First Cross” female to form the nucleus of our lamb
program. This ewe is a cross between the Australian Merino
ewe and genetically selected Border Leicester sires. The result
is a large framed first cross female suitable for creating and
mothering our Second Cross Lambs.


The next step in our program is to breed these females with
selected European terminal sires, such as the White Suffolk
or Poll Dorset. These sires are renowned for their superior
meat eating qualities and allow us to bring a consistent table
lamb to Australia’s finest restaurants.
In the pursuit of creating the finest table lamb we continue
to explore new composite breeds to ensure diners have an
exceptional eating experience every time.


White Pyrenees Lambs are grown on lush pastures in the
Pyrenees region. We work closely with our farmers to
raise lambs on a diet of all natural clovers, lucerne and rye
pastures. Steady development is assured by supplementary
feeding of turnips, brassicas, lentils, lupins and oats.
This provides the lamb with a high protein intake that is
so imperative in ensuring meat tenderness.

By rotating feeding regimes our farmers reduce the
accumulation of excess fat tissue whilst continuing to
produce intramuscular fat, commonly known as marbling.
The end result is a consistent, high quality eating lamb!
All White Pyrenees Lambs are raised without antibiotics
and are free of hormone growth promotants.
White Pyrenees Lamb - Victoria’s Finest!


White Pyrenees Lamb | Victoria's Finest